I write copy that makes you money

Running a business is hard. You don’t need me to tell you that. But what if I were to tell you that writing copy is even harder.

“Yeah, right.”

I know what you’re thinking, any monkey with a keyboard can bang out a few paragraphs about your products. Some of them might even spell all the words right. However, there is a huge difference between “words on a page” and honest-to-god, hard hitting sales copy, and that difference can be measured in clicks, conversions, and, most importantly, dollars in your bank account.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You have a webpage that you’re driving a decent amount of traffic to, either through paid ads or through content marketing. However, all those hits on your site are adding up to zilch when it comes to sales. Nobody is buying.

What if I told you that you could turn everything around, and start earning thousands of dollars per day just by changing your copy?

You might call me crazy, but I’ve done just that for dozens of clients just like you. Once you see the results, you'll think you’re the crazy one for not hiring me sooner.

I get results because I’ve put in the hard work of learning not only the art, but the science of copywriting. I’ve learned from the best, people like Gary Halbert, Robert Bly, and John Carlton. In his book, Scientific Advertising, the founder of modern advertising, Claude Hopkins, said, “The best advertising people we know have been house-to-house canvassers.”

And guess what? One of my very first jobs was selling solar panels door to door in Southern California. I’ve also written sales copy that’s earned my clients millions of dollars in revenue in as little as 5 days. I think even Claude would be impressed by that.

I work with businesses, marketing and advertising agencies, and web developers to write:

  • Websites

  • Landing pages

  • Online advertising campaigns

  • Emails and newsletters

  • Mobile advertising campaigns

  • Press releases

  • Direct mail pieces

  • Sales letters

  • Brochures and marketing collateral

When it comes to writing copy, any old monkey can bang out the words, but when you hire me, you get words that come with a bang. The only question is, are you ready to get started?