Email Campaigns

Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More.

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Are your email campaigns actually being opened?

Every day people’s inboxes are flooded with countless emails offering them advice, services, products, offers, and deals. Most of them go unopened and unread. How do you make sure your emails don’t suffer this same fate?

The trick is to not only give people what they want, but when they want it.

A real estate agent isn’t going to have much success sending offers to people who’ve just refinanced their mortgage, but they might get a pretty good response from people who’ve just moved to a new city for a new job.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain an active email list, and understand the people who are on it. No matter how good your offer is, you’re not going to sell flood insurance to a family who lives in the desert.

Email campaigns go hand in hand with content marketing, landing pages, and website content. Once you draw in the right crowd with a focused marketing effort, and gotten their email address with an intriguing lead capture, you can begin the process of reeling them in through a targeted email campaign designed to lead them down the path to purchase, one breadcrumb at a time.

I’ve helped companies set up successful email campaigns which consistently beat the industry average for open and click-through rates. When you purchase an email package from me, you’ll not only get professionally written copy for the emails themselves, but I’ll help you define the strategy for your entire campaign, so you know exactly when your customers should receive an email, what it should include, and a variety of subject lines for us to A/B test to get the strongest response rate.

Once we put all the pieces of your marketing juggernaut together, your business will speed along without you even having to touch the wheel. Contact me now to put it in motion.